Shellie Divin

Hi!  Welcome to Full Heart Full Life.  My name is Shellie Divin;  I have been happily married since 2003 to a man that adores and supports me.  Together we have two beautiful children, named Lillie and Cole.  Some of my favorite things in life are God, my family, health, wellbeing and chocolate.  This is my story. 

I was born and raised in Texas, spending most of my life in Magnolia.  My family is like most, with two loving parents always ready to support my decisions, and even a little brother to pick on.  I was one of the lucky people who had Great-Grandparents, and Grandparents to grow up with.  There was always an overflow of love in my life, yet somehow I still had a hard time, constantly feeling as though I would never be enough.  I have always struggled with the desire to fit in with the popular trends, whether it is people, activities, or appearance.  

In 2004, I fell victim to my own self-criticisms, never being able to reach "good enough", and spiraled down the road of chronic dieting, over exercising, and disordered eating.  I was the owner of a very busy bakery in my hometown of Magnolia.  Baking had been a hobby of mine for as long as I can remember, and I had been able to make it my dream job.  Before long, the stress of having a young family, running my own business, while still trying to attain the perfect appearance through non-stop diet and exercise, began to take its toll.  I was no longer as happy and began to question my future in the field of baking, and if I'd ever be successful in any of my roles (mother, wife or business owner).  God started to speak to me in ways I could not ignore, leading me to search for a healthier way of living.  My life changed as I began to see my true purpose and gift was to help others fall back in love with themselves.  With the grace of God and my family by my side, I have been able to come out of the darkness as a much happier and healthy woman.  I have made a beautiful transformation consisting of my mind, my body, and most importantly, my spirit and soul.

My heart breaks to know that so many are still struggling with similar challenges, trying to reach a level of perfect that is unattainable.  My longing to reach out to others who are struggling as I did with weight, body hate, and other disordered eating patterns sparked my interest in going back to school.  I wanted to help bring an inner peace that would create a loving relationship with them and God.  Again, God began to place opportunities in front of me that have led me to where I am today.  

    I am now a certified Eating Psychology Coach.  This certification means a great deal to me, as the training was very challenging, deep and eye opening in so many ways.  Along with my education in this field, the knowledge I gained through my own dark times and self-discovery has proven to be priceless.  A wounded healer.  I have grown to have more compassion, empathy, understanding, and courage through it all, leading me to share my gift to help heal those who struggle.