FAQs You ask, Shellie answers...


What makes you different than a nutritionist?

Traditional nutrition strategies will be based around numbers, calories in calories out, lists of foods that are labeled “good” or “bad”, meal plans, measurements, and strict guidelines are given.  We will go over the benefits of experimenting with different clean foods that work best for each client creating long term sustainable results.  Along with that we will address any other health concerns you may be having, not just weight and inches.



Can I find this information online for free somewhere else?

Free information can be found all over the web about which diet is the “best”.  The problem is that not one plan is right for everybody.  Not to mention, that surfing the web for these answers can be overwhelming, and confusing, leaving you with no direct answer of where to start.  With a coach you will have a direct connection to go through your unique and specific concerns. Oh, and theres a lot to be said for accountability.  When was the last time your computer checked in with you?



How many sessions do you need with a client?

Each individual client will be different.  Most will fall between 6 and 12 visits spanning over an 8 month period.  Coming in every now and again for a reboot session is a great idea after our initial work together is finished.



Will I be given a diet to follow?  Will I be counting calories and weighing food?

NO!  My goal is to free you from those details.



What does the 1st session entail?

I will be getting to know you in the 1st session.  Almost like a 1st date!  I want to find out as much information about your relationship with your family, food, body, work, money, all of it.  By the end of our time I will have a rough layout of what our work together will look like, including steps that you can be put into action immediately.  At that time you will decide if we are a good fit for working together.


Why is this a valuable investment?  I want to work with you, but my spouse may not see the value in this kind of work.

An investment in our own health is the greatest gift we can give ourselves, and our loved ones.  When we are operating at our highest level of well being everyone around us will benefit.


Why should I work with you?

If you have been dieting for a long period of time and can never seem to get the results you are looking for, if you are low energy, find yourself binging and are never satisfied, having digestion issues, sleeping problems, or if you are stuck in the revolving door of diets then I can help.  I have real life experience overcoming each of these concerns myself, and with helping others find the same freedom.